Extra Large Carved Wooden Brutalist Sunburst or Starburst Mirror, 1960's.

Oval Mid-Century Modern Spanish Rattan Sunburst Mirror, 1960's

Mid-Century Modern Octagonal Mirror, 1970's

Bar Cart, trolley, attr. to Max Sauze 1960's


Vintage Two-Tier Trolley, Bar Cart, 1970's


Italian White Valet Stand Dressboy, Fratelli Reguitti, 1960's

Black Elegant Art Deco Magazine Rack, 1940's


Pair of Art Deco Marble Horses Heads Bookends

Rare Italian Glass Magazine Holder or Record Rack by Galotti and Radice, 1970's

Set Vintage Ceramic Sculptures by Freek Berends, 1985

Rare Cubic Tea Set, in Style of Rolf Sinnemark, 1980's

Ancient Chinese Camel with a Sancai Glaze


Brutalistic Backlit Metal Boat, Wall Sculpture, Jeré era



Pair of Wicker Baskets Attributed to Dirk Van Sliedregt for Rohé Noordwolde

Modernist Magazine Holder, by Mathieu Matégot for Artimeta Soest, circa 1955